Why Do We Collect Customer Mobile Numbers?

The Rationale for Collecting Customer Mobile Numbers

Maintaining a courteous, compassionate, and empathetic approach while requesting a customer’s mobile phone number is integral to our commitment to personalised care and service.

The primary purpose of collecting this information is to ensure seamless accessibility to pertinent and tailored health-related updates and information that are specifically curated for the individual customer and their well-being.

Customers can expect to receive a range of vital notifications, including but not limited to:

  • Prescription Notifications: Alerts for pick up, drop off, and delivery schedules.
  • Convenience Reminders: Information regarding Dose Administration Aids (DAAs), changes in trading hours, location updates, and delivery notices.
  • Health Check Reminders: Notifications for general health check-ups and specialised Men’s and Women’s Health assessments.
  • Medication Reviews: Medschecks, Diabetes Medschecks, and related medication reviews.
  • Vaccination Alerts: Reminders for Flu, Whooping Cough, Shingrix, and Covid vaccinations.
  • Asthma and Allergy Notifications: Seasonal alerts during Spring and Thunderstorm Asthma Events.
  • Professional Service Announcements: Notifications for health service clinics and visiting specialists at the pharmacy.
  • Alerts for Medication Product Recalls, Shortages, and Restocking: Ensuring customers stay informed about the availability of medications.
  • Tailored Health Reminders: Specific reminders, services, and pertinent information related to the customer's individual health status.

Collecting mobile phone numbers enables us to provide timely and crucial updates, offering an enhanced level of care and ensuring our customers remain informed and supported in managing their health effectively.