When would I use the Settings tab?

You may wish to receive certain Notifications, Alerts, or reset your PIN or Password. You will use the Settings tab.

Users tab

The Users tab is most often used by Administrative staff to manage New and existing Users.



The Organisations tab is used by Strong Room for the configuration of the platform when setting up your facility. This includes for example maintaining Locations, Rooms, the Medication List, etc.



The Roles tab is also used by Administration staff to create and edit user permissions. 


You may wish to be notified about certain Prescriber events. For example if a Prescription has been Created, Updated, Cancelled, Drafted, placed On Hold or if there has been an Administration failure or Adverse Drug Event you may elect to receive notifications.  You may receive notifications by phone or email.

Please contact your facilities Administration staff to set these events for you. You may also call Strong Room support on (03) 7065 4066. Select option 2. 


Personal Settings

You may update your own Personal Settings.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You may choose to add a mobile phone or email Multi-Factor Authentication for security. 

  • If you wish to be notified via your mobile phone number click move the Mobile Phone Multi-Factor Authentication button to the right, the ON position
  • If you wish to be notified via email, move the email Multi-Factor Authentication button to the right, the ON position. You may wish to be notified both ways and you can select both options

Account Settings

PIN (Personal Identification Number)

  • Click on Account Settings to Create or Reset your PIN

A PIN can be used to sign off on Prescriptions and Chart Reviews

  • Create or Reset your Pin by entering a PIN code (a minimum of 4 characters) then in the second field, enter your Password.
  • Then click the Save Pin button


Reset Password

You may also Reset your Password. A login Password will still be needed to login to the platform.

  • Enter your current Password into the Old Password field 
  • Enter your new Password (use the eye icon to display the characters you have just entered) into the New Password field
  • Enter your new password again in the third field as confirmation
  • Complete the process by clicking on the Reset button


  • Click on the Settings tab

If you do not have the required permissions to turn on the Alerts functionality, please contact your facilities administrator, or contact StrongRoom support directly. If you do have permissions, follow the steps below.

  • Click on Assign Alert Channels
  • To activate the Alert functionality, simply Select your role as Prescriber
  • Click on the check boxes next to the Alerts you wish to receive

    Category of Alerts


    This Alert will indicate that an Intermittent order will soon be upcoming for  administration. It appears 14 days prior to the date of the next administration and allows 2 weeks to check or order stock prior to the next administration.


    Stock Discrepancy

    This Alert indicates that there is a Stock Discrepancy

    Chart Approaching Expiry

    This Alert indicates that a medication chart order is approaching expiry. The Alert will fire at 14 days, 3 days, then 1 day to give you  time to alert the Prescriber. The Prescriber may also receive the alert.

    Missed Administration

    This Alert indicates that a medication was missed during the administration round. The alert will appear 2 hours after the medication has been missed, and the alert will disappear after administration has been completed. 

    Missed Stocktake

    This Alert indicates that Stocktake has been missed or is at least 2 hours overdue. After Stocktake has been completed the alert will disappear.


  • Then click on Update Role Channels. This will turn on the Alert functionality for all Prescriber roles.
  • Then turn on the Alerts, by clicking on the Alert button at the top of the window next to your practice name. Please ensure that you action these expiring medication charts, otherwise the charts will cease to be valid medication orders. The Alerts button is highlighted in red below, and is located on the dashboard.

  • Click on the Refresh List button to refresh the alerts displayed
  • To remove the alerts from your view, simply click on the Alerts button again