How do I conduct an S8 Authority Chart Review?

S8 Authority Chart Review

As a regulatory requirement medication charts are to be reviewed every 12 weeks or sooner for specific types of medications and/or e-prescribing requirements. This is extremely important as Medication Chart orders will only be valid for the applicable period. If S8/Authority Reviews are not conducted, the orders will expire and will not be a valid active medication.

From the Dashboard, S8/Authority Reviews dates display. Last and Next Review dates are clearly visible for each resident (you may click directly on the Resident's name from right side of the Dashboard). 

  1. Click on the Resident’s name under S8/Authority Reviews to display the Prescription renewal for S8/Authority medications
  2. The Prescription Renewal page appears for the selected resident. Details include the resident’s image, Active/Inactive status, Personal Information and ADRs. Scroll down the page to view any Special Considerations documented.
  3. To begin the S8/Authority Prescription renewal, click into the Start Date field. This will activate the calendar.
  4. All other fields have defaulted to the information initially ordered from the original medication order. Update any field as required. 
  5. Click on any Interaction notifications if available and check the order prior to continuing 
  6. Scroll down the page and continue to check the Notes, Prescription options
  7. Privacy Agreements 
  8. Select the Prescription type as Private or convert to PBS/RPBS
  9. Select any Indications and Streamline codes (or further authorities) then click Confirm
  10. Click Save Rx
  11. If you wish to discontinue this order, click Cease Rx
  12. Click Close
  13. Click Sign
  14. Enter your PIN or Password 
  15. Click Sign. You will be returned to the Prescriber Dashboard