How do I order Once Only Meds (STAT) ?

You may need to order Once Only Meds (STAT) for your resident

  1. From the dashboard, click on the Resident Name you wish to prescribe the Once Only medication.  You will be taken to the Medications tab for that resident
  2. Click on the blue button + Create New Chart 
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow under Select Chart Type
  4. Click on Once Only Meds (Stat)
  5. You may search by All/Brands/Generics or Custom Medications
  6. Click into the Search Medication field and begin typing the name of the medication 
  7. Search for the correct medication, narrowing the search by entering the dose unit and use the scroll bar. Then click on the medication you wish to prescribe 
  8. Click into the Start Date field. This will activate the calendar. Use the arrows right/left to move to the correct day/month.
  9. Click on the date you wish the resident to begin the medication
  10. Click into the Stop Date field if this is available and enter the date the medication is to cease
  11. Tab or click to move to the Dose unit field
  12. Use the dropdown arrow to make your selection e.g. Tablet
  13. Tab to the Route field
  14. Use the dropdown arrow (or the scroll bar) to select the Route
  15. Tab to Prescription Quantity. Enter the number of capsules in the pack 
  16. Click into the Commence Admin Date field and activate the calendar to select the actual Commencement Date
  17.   Update the Administration time if required 
  18. Tab to the Quantity field. Enter the quantity/ number of units to be administered per Administration round 
  19. As this is a Once Only Medication there is no Frequency nor Periodicity field
  20. View the Detailed Analysis for Possible interactions. Continue with the order if appropriate
  21. Review the Notes/Directions fields and update if required. Add additional information below the line
  22. Select the Prescription and Administration Options, Warrant number and Administration Options as required
  23. Select the relevant Privacy Agreement checkboxes as appropriate
  24. Under Prescription Type select either Private or PBS/RPBS as required 
  25.  Select the appropriate Indication and Streamline code corresponding to the correct Clinical Criteria. Click on Expand to see more information related to the particular clinical criteria.
  26.  You will be prompted to click Confirm
  27. Click the Save & Approve Chart button
  28. The Prescription Action window displays and you will be prompted to click the Complete button
  29.  Return to the Resident Profile to check that your order was added successfully