Convert Draft Medications to Signed

When you first begin using Strong Care you will need to review and convert any medications that have been saved as a draft

The first step is to select your resident from the resident dashboard. When you go to the resident’s medication chart you may notice the Status of the prescriptions is set to ‘Draft’.


Single Medication Conversion

You may update the Status by clicking into each medication and updating the status to ‘Signed’.

  • Select each prescription by clicking on the arrow next to the drug name
  • Then scroll down the page
  • Review and/or Update the Order
  • To update the Draft status, click Save & Approve chart
  • Follow the prompts then click Complete

Some medications may require that you enter your password to sign off

  • You would need to do this process for each Draft Prescription.

Chart Review

Alternatively you may choose a quicker method. Return to the Medications tab of your patient.

  • To update all Draft statuses to Signed, click on Chart Review

  • Click Select All
  • Click the Sign Off Review button

  • Then click Sign
  • Enter your password/PIN
  • The Draft status of the prescription has now been updated to Signed