Alerts for Prescribers

Setting and understanding types of Alerts for Prescribers

An Alert is different from a notification –  Alerts are assigned to a specific role, and will appear within the StrongCare database as a pop up alert, rather than be delivered like a Notification via email or SMS. Alerts require a specific action. 

Setting Alerts

  1. Select the Settings tab under the Dashboard
  2. Navigate and click on Assign Alerts Channels
  3. Use the dropdown arrow to select the Role (e.g. Nurse, Prescriber)
  4. Click on the checkboxes next to the relevant Alerts

After you have selected the required alerts for this employee,

    • Select Update Role Channels
    • Click Close

Types of Alerts


Alerts include Expiring, Upcoming and general Alerts

  • Intermittent 

    This Alert will indicate that an Intermittent order will soon be upcoming for  administration. It appears 14 days prior to the date of the next administration and allows 2 weeks to check or order stock prior to the next administration.


    Chart Approaching Expiry

    This Alert indicates that a medication chart order is approaching expiry. The Alert will fire at 14 days, 3 days, then 1 day - to give you time to alert the Prescriber. The Prescriber may also receive the alert.

    Missed Administration

    This Alert indicates that a medication was missed during the administration round. The alert will appear 2 hours after the medication has been missed, and will disappear after administration has been completed. 


To Activate or Remove an Alert from your view

To activate or remove an Alert from your view, simply click on the Alert button.

This button is located on the top of your screen, next to the Dashboard and Settings tabs

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